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Tyler, Too, Deserves some Credit

John Tyler, tenth President of the United States, is not remembered for a spectacularly successful presidency.  Even so,  he established one of this nation’s most noteworthy constitutional precedents by serving the entire unexpired term of President William Henry Harrison, the … Continue reading

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Another Strange and Unusual Fact about the British Commonwealth

For some bizarre reason, I’ve been consumed lately with an interest in trivia related to the British Empire and Commonwealth. So, here goes another question: In the history of the British Empire and Commonwealth, only one other political entity besides … Continue reading

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A Strange Fact about the British Commonwealth

Some well-informed people find the fact hard to grasp:  that three former British dominions, once known as the “white dominions” and widely considered today as three of the world’s most successful nations, did not gain full national sovereignty from Great … Continue reading

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One of Many Strange Alabama Political Facts

Who can answer this question related to Alabama political history? Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace was the American Independent Party candidate for president in 1968, but he ran under a different party label in Alabama. What was that party? As … Continue reading

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They Only Look Dead

A host of political pundits contend that the demographic changes unfolding in this country don’t bold well for the GOP. Speaking as someone brought up in the GOP tradition and old enough to have witnessed many of the party’s travails … Continue reading

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Internationalizing Bastille Day

France, like America, a universal nation conceived in Enlightenment idealism, used this year’s Bastille Day to affirm the international cooperation that brought World War I to and end in 1918.

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