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Coming Home to Tradition

I’m one of those rather odd birds who never connected with his childhood faith tradition —in my case, evangelical Christianity. Don’t misunderstand me.  There is much to admire about this faith tradition.  It transformed the American frontier, partly by spreading … Continue reading

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A Gallery, a Governor and a Troubled Legacy

I recall it as one of the most remarkable happenstances of my life. Nineteen years ago, working as a news and public affairs specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, I was in my native north Alabama with a coworker … Continue reading

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The Perennial Question: Was Slavery the Cause of the Civil War?

Slavery was the most contentious issue in U.S. history, but how did it influence the outbreak and course of the Civil War?  This question has preoccupied students of the Civil War history, particularly Southern ones, for the last 150 years. … Continue reading

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