Hillary, the “Revolving SOB”

hillary-clintonMy father, a who earned a graduate degree from Vanderbilt and the rough equivalent of several other graduate degrees through his long tenure in the National Guard  and, later, the U.S. Army Reserve, never strayed very far beyond his working-class northwest Alabama roots.

He could serve up some wonderfully earthy bon mots regarding anyone he held in low regard. “Revolving SOB” –  the term he used to characterize someone who was “an SOB no matter what angle you looked at him” – was one of my favorites.

I was reminded of Dad’s term as I reflected this morning on the leftist penchant for characterizing any disdain for a left-leaning candidate as expressions of sexism or racism.

As many left-leaning pundits contend, the white working class’ disdain for Hillary is merely a reflection of its lingering contempt for a black president, it fears of  an assertively liberal female president, and its fighting of a rearguard battle against the demographic threats to white America.

But, of course, the unvarnished truth is that millions of ordinary Americans fear Hillary as much or more for her character deficiencies, not her sex.

Indeed, as I see it, if she were a male, Hillary would qualify as one of Dad’s revolving SOBs. Viewing her from any perspective reveals someone of almost superhuman venality, ego-centrism and arrogance.

Her character was on full display yesterday as she spoke to a group of wealthy donors, describing Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables” and, even worse, irredeemable.

Such talk is unsettling, not only for the insight it provides into Clinton’s incorrigibly rapacious character but also the totalitarian id of the left – its penchant for employing such characterizations to stigmatize all threatening forms of speech.

The truth is, Hillary’s character transcends ideology. She is one of the most deplorable and irredeemable figures in politics. Her character is reflected in her contemptuous treatment of subordinates and her brazen disregard for rules, even those conceived to safeguard the vital security interests of the country she was charged to serve as its chief foreign policy officer.

If this seemingly mean-spirited characterization of Hillary earns me the label of sexist or a perch in her basket of deplorables, then I will be in good company, though my vote this election cycle is reserved for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

We may be living in the waning days of free speech, but for as long as I have it, I will  reserve this sacred American right to loathe and to express disdain for any and every politician of my choosing – red yellow, black or white, gay or straight, male, female or transgendered!

And lest there be any doubt, rest assured, Hillary, that among all politicians – local, state, and federal, foreign and domestic – I reserve my deepest animus for you.


About Jim Langcuster

A Southern late-Baby Boomer whose post-retirement focus is on building a post-racial, post-Confederate Southern regional identity. If the election of 2016 underscored one thing, it is that this country is intractably divided and that radical devolution of power to localities and states is the only way to save the American Union.
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