Why Hillary Clinton Is Far Worse than Richard Nixon

hillary-clintonI detest Trump, but I fear Hillary.  I fear her so much that I worry about the long-term survival of the rule of law in this country and even the fate of the American Republic.

Yes, Trump is a vulgarian, and for that reason alone, he simply is unfit to serve as head of state representing the majesty and dignity of the country that, at least, presumes to be the most intellectually, technologically and economically sophisticated one on the planet. For this reason, this red tory (bleeding heart conservative) is rather reluctantly supporting the Johnson/Weld Libertarian ticket.

Beyond Nixonian

Yet, the Wikileaks revelations about Hillary should concern us too — gravely. Her apologists contend that all these disturbing antics simply reflect a candidate going about the business of presidential politics — all the common election wheeling and dealing, with a few sordid Nixonian tactics thrown in for good measure.

But as I see it, these behaviors actually are worse than Nixonian. Without a doubt, Richard Nixon’s actions were despicable and did grievous harm to this country’s moral and constitutional underpinnings. We’re still dealing with the effects of Nixon’s legacy more than two generations later. Fortunately for the country, though, he was the leader of what was then the minority party. Moreover, he was also swimming against what was arguably an insurmountable tide — a hostile political and media establishment. For that reason, Nixon’s actions, despite their despicable nature, were somewhat contained.

An Unusually Sinister Picture

Hillary, on the other hand, arguably presents a whole new set of circumstances — and challenges — to this country. And WikiLeaks — and, granted, I’m operating under the assumption that these leaks represent an accurate picture of the Clinton campaign despite their shadowy provenance — paint an unusually disturbing and sinister picture of the Democratic nominee.

The leaks reveal a campaign that not only evinces disdain for many groups — Latinos, Southerners, and Catholics, to name a few — but that even explores the merits of infiltrating the American Catholic church, apparently with the aim of transforming it into a left-leaning entity and ally.

They advocate open borders and multiculturalism — and level charges of hate and intolerance at the critics of these doctrines — even though several leaked documents expose their full awareness of and even contempt for the “Multikultisan” policies that already have created a “house of horrors” (as one leaked memo describes it) in many of the major urban centers of Europe.

Establishment Complicity

Even worse, though, these leaks expose a candidate who not only enjoys the support of much of the mainstream media — something on which Nixon never could have counted — but even their enthusiastic complicity. Hillary is not as besieged and isolated as Nixon was — quite the contrary, she enjoys the enthusiastic support not only of this nation’s political establishment but also of powerful forces across the globe.

And this is the part that really disturbs me: These leaks lead me to wonder if the United States government is coming to resemble less a government supported and sustained by the consent of the governed and more of a regime operated at the behest of special interests — not only powerful national but also global interests — a plutocracy, for lack of a better word.

A Government or a Regime?

Needless to say, this raises a host of other questions that in the interests of decorum, I will refrain from exploring. Suffice it to say that if this country is being ruled by a regime rather than being governed by the consent of the people, then the times are calling all of us ordinary Americans to demand wrenching, thoroughgoing systemic reform.

Americans still seem to be deluded by the notion that the right technocrat will come along who will resolve most of these problems over the course of a 4- to 8-year tenure.

If the WikiLeaks arguably demonstrates one thing, it’s that that this country is in radical need of a transfusion. Incremental solutions — policy band-aids — no longer will work.



About Jim Langcuster

A Southern late-Baby Boomer whose post-retirement focus is on building a post-racial, post-Confederate Southern regional identity. If the election of 2016 underscored one thing, it is that this country is intractably divided and that radical devolution of power to localities and states is the only way to save the American Union.
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