A Consciousness Shared

James and Paulette Goins are long deceased, deeply beloved relatives of mine. They loved animals with all their hearts. They operated a small menagerie of animals inside their Birmingham, Alabama, home. Along with a handful of rescue dogs was a chicken with a partly clipped beak that miraculously escaped a processing plant by wriggling itself out of its cage, flying off the delivery truck, and fortuitously falling into the loving hands of James and Paulette.

James and Paulette always contended that there was a spiritual facet of animals that we don’t fully understand. Whether they were right or wrong, I do know this: that the consciousness we take so for granted as humans is shared to one degree or another by other creatures who occupy this beautiful blue planet.


About Jim Langcuster

A Southern late-Baby Boomer whose post-retirement focus is on building a post-racial, post-Confederate Southern regional identity. If the election of 2016 underscored one thing, it is that this country is intractably divided and that radical devolution of power to localities and states is the only way to save the American Union.
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