Invoking the “S” Word (Secession)

 , Texas Tribune. 

I’ll be frank: I don’t take a very sanguine view of the future of the United States.

I no longer think that Americans are even capable of summoning the improvisational genius or idealism or whatever is required to bridge the increasingly deep cultural chasm between the blue-state coastal enclaves and the red states in this country. These divisions are  intractable. They resemble the cultural divisions that beset this country in the 1850’s and that ultimately were “resolved” by a bloody 4-year war.

Conservative writer and editor Rod Dreher, who conceived the highly debated and controversial Benedict Option, recently offered a rather compelling, not to mention, chilling, 14-point explanation for why he believes that the country simply can’t lumber on indefinitely.  They explain rather concisely why I concluded more than a generation ago that some form of devolution, likely secession,  would ultimately supply the only viable solution to this country’s pathologies, which only grow worse with the passage of time.

Speaking as a conservative, I’ll be the first to agree with Dreher that Donald Trump presents his own unique challenge. He certainly was not my first, second or even third choice for president.

Yet, the implications of American liberalism present us with an more ominous and immediate threat. Liberalism is now under the effective domination of an ideology, namely identitarianism, which advocates the end of the American experiment in pluralism.

As Dreher argues, this newest iteration of leftism is not interested in working out any sort of pluralistic modus vivedi with the right, even maverick elements of the right. It’s set on total political and cultural domination.

Indeed, as Dreher contends, what drives the left is an abiding hatred of the other, namely the traditionalist heartland, populated by the great unwashed masses who, largely out of a sense of desperation, elected Trump as president.

Liberalism has always functioned as a sort of secularized version of Christianity, as he observes.  But as America’s Christian legacy recedes and liberalism cuts away its final moorings to this faith tradition, we are witnessing the emergence of an ideology that increasingly evinces a ravenous, Jacobinesque quality, one prone to consume its own, as the recent upheaval at Evergreen College demonstrates.  (Small wonder why millions of voters, including yours truly regarded the recent election as the Flight 93 election.)

Nature abhors a void – and so does politics and culture, in a manner of speaking. With the decline of Christianity, something else invariably MUST be improvised to replace it. The left is determined that the emerging secularized religion of identitarian politics will supply this replacement.

The left sooner or later will impose this new religion on the rest of the country through its vast political patronage system (i.e., MSM, Big Entertainment and higher ed) and through the federal court system, which now wields a measure of power that the Founders would have found inconceivable. We came perilously close to this tipping point last November following a Hillary victory.

One must understand that our present centralized national model, compliments of early 21st century progressivism, essentially represents a sort of compromised immune system through which a pathogen is capable of spreading very rapidly. In effect, the identitarian politics that have given rise to the increasing levels of intolerance and even violence on elite college and university campuses will be woven into the reigning ideology of the United States within the next few decades.

As I’ve pointed out ad nauseam in previous postings, sooner or later, most heartland Americans will eventually come to the conclusion, albeit grudgingly, that some form of devolution, including secession, will offer the only real prospects for preserving the last vestiges of American freedom.

Let’s just hope that this realization comes soon enough.


About Jim Langcuster

A Southern late-Baby Boomer whose post-retirement focus is on building a post-racial, post-Confederate Southern regional identity. If the election of 2016 underscored one thing, it is that this country is intractably divided and that radical devolution of power to localities and states is the only way to save the American Union.
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