Just Who Are “They”?

Am I the only one who discerns the totalitarian undertones of this video – a Black Lives Matter response to Dana Loesch’s recent NRA announcement?

For starters, the narrator purports to embrace the First Amendment while calling on the NRA to ban its “propaganda” videos.

Moreover, many of the points raised by the narrator strike me as nonsensical. I just do not perceive that many “gun-toting racists” fomenting mass violence on American streets, though I do observe what appears to be a palpable wave of both mass and lone-wolf acts of leftist violence occurring all over the country. And who, pray tell, are “they?” Is the narrator referring to whites in general or to some kind of massive white-supremacist conspiracy within the deepest reaches of government?

Is the narrator alleging that a white-supremacist cabal within the federal government is imparting instructions to local police departments to shoot first and ask questions later?

Aside from that, I re-watched the Dana Loesch video and I see nothing remotely calling for retribution against blacks or minorities, only an appeal to Americans to remain vigilant against lawlessness and tyranny – a longstanding NRA principle.

The points raised in this video take me back to one of the Evergreen State College student demonstrations in which ESC President George Bridges was repeatedly admonished not to gesticulate and to keep his arms by his side, apparently because any sort of animated gesturing among Caucasions smacks of incipient violence.

If this video drives home anything to me, it’s that there will be no peace in this country until the American heartland submits supinely to the lefts demands.  Indeed, I think that much of the anger evinced today within college lecture halls and on the streets of American cities stems from the left’s realization of how close they were to dictating surrender terms to the rest of us before the Trump electoral upset.

Indeed, the sort of eternal vigilance that Ms. Loesch expresses in her NRA video is heartland America’s only hope of preserving its precious, hard-won constitutional liberties.


About Jim Langcuster

A Southern late-Baby Boomer whose post-retirement focus is on building a post-racial, post-Confederate Southern regional identity. If the election of 2016 underscored one thing, it is that this country is intractably divided and that radical devolution of power to localities and states is the only way to save the American Union.
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