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A Southern late-Baby Boomer whose post-retirement focus is on building a post-racial, post-Confederate Southern regional identity. If the election of 2016 underscored one thing, it is that this country is intractably divided and that radical devolution of power to localities and states is the only way to save the American Union.

Curators of Our Lifetime Journeys: A New Form of Spirituality?

The last few years I’ve been acquainting myself with the writings of a British religious philosopher named Don Cupitt. An ordained Anglican priest, Cupitt was once known as a theologian, but following his drift away from conventional Christianity, he now … Continue reading

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A Strange Symbiosis in North Korea

A few years ago, National Geographic dispatched a documentary camera crew to North Korea to highlight the efforts of Nepalese opthamalogist and surgeon Dr. Sunduk Ruit, who performed small-incision cataract surgeries on roughly a thousand North Koreans. Ruit has completed … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins and the Decline of Christianity

I read with great interest this morning that the great evolutionary biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins has warned Europe, the cradle of both Christendom and Western Civilization, not to abandon Christianity wholesale. As Dawkins sees it, Christianity, compared with Islam, … Continue reading

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The Creaky Scaffolding of the West

Evangelical Christians have labored for decades under the assumption that they can reclaim, piece by piece, the secular culture of the West through active engagement with it. Like Sisyphus and his stone, millions of Christians, despite setback after setback, remain … Continue reading

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East Germany and the Strange Case of Symbolic Fusion

People wonder why I’m fascinated by flags.  It’s because flags tell a story, sometimes good, sometimes bad, about the nations that they represent. I’m especially fascinated by the flags and symbolism of East Germany.  They represent a protracted, bitter struggle … Continue reading

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The Limits of Autodidacticism, Part II

I’ve fallen into referring to New York Times columnists, David Brooks and Ross Douthat, as the dancing conservative bears of Mainstream Media. Their presence on the Times’ Editorial Page essentially serves to assure the Times’ erudite readers that they are … Continue reading

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Humanity’s Elusive Quest: A Post-Theistic Faith

I admire much of the theology of Rabbi Irwin Kula. He has settled on a view of religion that apparently closely resembles mine. He regards religion is a form of technology. Kula envisions the 3,500-year-old Jewish faith as being in … Continue reading

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