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A Threat to Human Scaffolding

According to research conducted by the universities of Oxford and Coventry, religious beliefs are linked neither to intuition nor to rational thinking. Previous studies indicated that people who hold strong religious beliefs are more intuitive and less analytical.  Moreover when … Continue reading

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The God of the Human Exoskeleton

In my previous piece, I asserted that God is embedded in what I describe as the Non-corporeal Human Exoskeleton (NHE) –  for lack of a better description, a structure that human beings have evolved over eons and that permeates all … Continue reading

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God and the Non-Corporeal Human Exoskeleton

Borrowing from futurist Kevin Kelly, author of What Technology Wants, I’ve been formulating the view that humanity has been in the business of constructing what I call a NHE (Noncorporeal Human Exoskeleton) for eons. What I mean by this is … Continue reading

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