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Invoking the “S” Word (Secession)

 , Texas Tribune.  I’ll be frank: I don’t take a very sanguine view of the future of the United States. I no longer think that Americans are even capable of summoning the improvisational genius or idealism or whatever is required … Continue reading

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A Southerner’s Brief, Eclectic Guide to Abraham Lincoln

I recently happened across a review of a new book regarding the factors that ultimately led to the Civil War. Honestly, I don’t make Lincoln out to be quite the bugbear others do. Before the outbreak of the Civil War, he was … Continue reading

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The Bellwether that Will Never Be

The burgeoning Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) should serve as a bellwether for the current pathetic state of American federalism, but it won’t, I’m sorry to say. TNM leaders recently embarked on a breakout tour — a series of meetings aimed … Continue reading

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