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Toward a New Religious and Secular Fusionism

I often tell friends that everything I learned about life I learned from Star Trek — the Star Trek original series, that is to say — and I say that only half jokingly. My exposure to that series when it … Continue reading

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Curators of Our Lifetime Journeys: A New Form of Spirituality?

The last few years I’ve been acquainting myself with the writings of a British religious philosopher named Don Cupitt. An ordained Anglican priest, Cupitt was once known as a theologian, but following his drift away from conventional Christianity, he now … Continue reading

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Faith, Identity and Nationalism Revisited

Note: This article was written sometime in 1999 and adapted from an op-ed piece I wrote for my local newspaper, the Opelika-Auburn News. Much of it is badly dated, and that is precisely why I’ve chosen to re-post it.  Despite the … Continue reading

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Coming Home to Tradition

I’m one of those rather odd birds who never connected with his childhood faith tradition —in my case, evangelical Christianity. Don’t misunderstand me.  There is much to admire about this faith tradition.  It transformed the American frontier, partly by spreading … Continue reading

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