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Toward a New Religious and Secular Fusionism

I often tell friends that everything I learned about life I learned from Star Trek — the Star Trek original series, that is to say — and I say that only half jokingly. My exposure to that series when it … Continue reading

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Science Fiction as Improvised Religion

Within the last couple of centuries, science fiction has served humanity as part searchlight, part sentinel, part prophetic voice. Originally known as “fantastic fiction” and “speculative fiction,” this artistic genre – genre almost seems an understatement in this context – … Continue reading

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A Dystopian Future or Just Business as Usual?

I reflect back on the 1980’s as a good decade, but many science fiction writers of the time didn’t. As a recent article in The American Conservative observes, the 1980’s turned out providing a congenial context for a grim, dystopian … Continue reading

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Star Trek Changed the World by Challenging Religion

I wasn’t fully immersed in the Star Trek phenomenon until the mid-1970s, when I became a teenager.  From the time I was born until about age 12, my mother  pretty much regarded it as her sovereign right to impose a … Continue reading

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The Doomsday Machine: A Star Trek Masterpiece

I am a bit of an unrepentant Trekker – not a Trekkie, mind you – just a Trekker. I don’t go to conventions, I don’t secretly don Star Fleet uniforms in the privacy of my home, and  I have not … Continue reading

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“A Wolf by the Ear”

Just finished watching the British-made science fiction film, Ex Machina, which I highly recommend. At first, I thought it would be an updating of the Star Trek original series episode, “Requiem for Methuselah, in which a brilliant creator uses a … Continue reading

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