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The Freedom Afforded by Our Exoskeleton

I’ve pointed out in earlier essays how the dense network that we humans have constructed over ages — a contrivance I’ve come to call the Networked Human Exoskeleton (NHE) — has conferred on our species immense, almost unfathomable intellectual, technological … Continue reading

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Science Fiction as Improvised Religion

Within the last couple of centuries, science fiction has served humanity as part searchlight, part sentinel, part prophetic voice. Originally known as “fantastic fiction” and “speculative fiction,” this artistic genre – genre almost seems an understatement in this context – … Continue reading

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Socialist and National Socialist Megalomania

I offer this new word to add to your foreign language lexicon: “Schwerbelastungskörper” – German for “heavy load test structure.” It’s the name for a cluster of brie-shaped structures still visible in present-day Berlin that are associated with one of … Continue reading

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A Classical Scholar’s View of World War II

A day or two following Christmas is nerd nirvana for me. I take all of my Barnes and Noble gift cards to the nearest store to stock up on a six month’s supply of books. I am an avid student … Continue reading

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Airport (1970) and Its Legacy

A few days ago, my wife had  Arthur Hailey’s Airport on an old retro movie channel. That movie began a lifelong aversion to plane travel. My parents took me to every one of those air disaster films throughout the Seventies … Continue reading

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A Dystopian Future or Just Business as Usual?

I reflect back on the 1980’s as a good decade, but many science fiction writers of the time didn’t. As a recent article in The American Conservative observes, the 1980’s turned out providing a congenial context for a grim, dystopian … Continue reading

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God and the Networked Human Exoskeleton

Borrowing from futurist Kevin Kelly, author of What Technology Wants, I’ve been formulating the view that humanity has been in the business of constructing what I call a NHE (Nerworked Human Exoskeleton) for eons. What I mean by this is … Continue reading

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