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Five Remarkable Facts about D-Day

Most of us are familiar the basic facts of D-Day from watching movies such as Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. So, today, I thought that I would share a few of the facts relating to the fascinating backstory … Continue reading

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Would Nazism Ultimately Have Devoured Itself?

I just finished Laurence Rees’ new book on the Holocaust last week. He stresses early in the book how the Nuremburg Laws, an utter catastrophe for Jews, also portended an unusually regimented social order for so-called “Aryan” Germans. Rees raises … Continue reading

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The Limits of Autodidacticism

Reading an article about the strange Hitlerian and Nazi fixation with Welteislehre, World Ice Theory,┬áprompted some reflections on Adolph Hitler’s strange legacy of autodidacticism. Despite their vastly different childhoods, both Hitler and Churchill read voraciously and were largely the products … Continue reading

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A Classical Scholar’s View of World War II

A day or two following Christmas is nerd nirvana for me. I take all of my Barnes and Noble gift cards to the nearest store to stock up on a six month’s supply of books. I am an avid student … Continue reading

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The Strange Inspirations of Nation-Building

A social media conversation with a few friends this morning served as a reminder of how truly fascinating the study of nation-building through the adoption of flags, symbols and other devices and practices often proves to be. In an attempt … Continue reading

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